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If you are looking for professional interpreters for your event or would like to have a translation of a technically challenging text, then I’m delighted that you have found your way to my site. As a conference interpreter and technical translator my speciality lies in understanding complex issues in their respective context and conveying these issues into other languages. This means that you can express yourself as you normally would in your mother tongue, focusing fully on exactly what it is you would like to say. Even when discussions turn to controversial matters or touch on emotive issues, I make sure that the tone is right. This way, not only can we communicate on the same wavelength, but we can understand one another too. Whether interpreting in Karlsruhe, London or Madrid, I can be at your service worldwide. I also offer advice regarding conference technology and, if required, can assemble teams of interpreters for multilingual conferences. If you want to create a positive impression in international circles, please contact me on +49. 170. 581 40 44.




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