Skill and commitment

I have been working as a freelance conference interpreter and technical translator, specialising in technology, since 2006. An enthusiasm for foreign languages and cultures has led me to follow my profession which I greatly enjoy.


As early as my school days, I would regularly spend time in England. After having completed my Abitur, I spent a year in Spain working as an au-pair and completed part of my degree course in interpreting at the University of Salford. Ever since, I have always enjoyed returning to these countries, fostering personal contacts and keeping myself fully up-to-date, both linguistically and culturally.


But why technology of all things? The answer is because I have always wanted to know how things work! Take a drive train for instance, where a number of different basic principles interact in a complex fashion to generate motion. Being able to understand such a multifaceted technical system and explain this to others – this appealed to me. That is why I am pleased that one of the clients for whom I regularly translate is a technical university, allowing me to develop my knowledge of further areas of technology.


Learning about new areas of expertise is part of my profession, as is terminology work and honing my language skills. This, together with the people I meet in the course of my work, makes my job so interesting and varied that I cannot imagine doing anything else.


Details of my professional career can be found in the detailed profile which you can download here as a PDF file.

I am a truly dedicated interpreter – and this is something which is reflected in my work.


Reliable, conscientious and 100% committed. That is how my clients know me.


I keep communication moving while remaining in the background. This way, the natural flow of the conversation can develop freely.


Take my word for it and give me a call:
+49. (0)170. 581 40 44.