Consulting and Organisation


The success of a multilingual event hinges on communication. I will be happy to advise you on the various different types of interpreting, on choosing the technology you require and on using larger teams of interpreters where a conference is to be held in more than two languages.


The earlier that you can involve me in your planning process, the better I will be able to support you. For example, simultaneous interpreting at conferences requires at least two interpreters who generally take it in turns to interpret every 30 minutes. In order for them to be able to concentrate on following the speaker, the interpreters sit with their headphones in soundproof interpreting booths. But what if there is not enough space for this? For these situations too, a solution can be found. I will be glad to help you further.


From obtaining or providing conference technology, assembling a team of interpreters or translating conference documents, I can offer you all of these services from a single source.

Contact me on: +49. 170. 581 40 44. 

Are you familiar with relay interpreting? Do you know that interpreters use a note-taking technique or what mobile interpreting equipment is? No? Then simply take a look at the  terms and definitions.


If you have any questions regarding the preparation of quotes, the processing of orders or pricing, you will find the answer you are looking for in the FAQ.