How can I request a quote?
You can contact me either by telephone or via e-mail and request a no obligation quote. In most cases, it is useful to follow up written enquiries with a telephone call as I often require certain key information in order to prepare a quote.
How long does it take to prepare  a quote?
I can normally send you the quote by no later than the day after receiving the enquiry. The quicker I have all of the necessary information, the quicker I can get your individual quote to you.
What information is needed to prepare a quote?

For translations I first need the text that needs to be translated as my prices are based on the number of lines and the degree of difficulty of the text. For the translation itself, I require some additional information: In what form is the text to be published? Who is the target audience? What is the purpose of the translation?
For interpreting jobs I require the following details:
- What type of event do you need an interpreter for (conference, workshop, site visit, negotiation, etc.)?
- Where will the event take place?
- What topics will be covered?
- What type of preparatory material is available (list of speakers and participants, agenda, background material, PPT presentations, etc.)?
- How many people will be listening and what nationalities are they?
- Into which languages and out of which languages will the interpreter be expected to work?
- What is the venue like (large conference room, party hall, smaller room, etc.)?
- Are there permanent interpreting booths on site?
- Would you like to me to organise the necessary interpreting technology and include this in the quote?
- What are the precise times that the interpreters are required for?

Do I have to commit myself immediately?
The quote itself will state how long it is valid for. If you do not yet know whether the event will actually take place on the dates you have enquired about, you also have the chance to give me an option. I will then keep the date free for you until another enquiry comes in for that particular day. In this case, you would have priority if you were able to confirm the date. In order to ensure that the interpreters who have been reserved to carry out the assignment are actually available on the requested date, it is wise to place the order as soon as possible.



How much does a translation cost?
Translations are charged per line. The basis for this is a standard line consisting of 55 characters. There are no hard and fast rules regarding line prices, which are instead based on the topic and degree of difficulty of the text. If you send me an extract of the text, I will be happy to let you know my line price or, alternatively, the full price if you send me the entire text.
How much does interpreting cost?
Please understand that I do not publish my fees online. There are no general rules governing interpreting fees. Prices are based on the type of assignment and the framework conditions. Please contact me for a no obligation quote.



Can I also book interpreters for weekend work, evening events and longer assignments?
I will work whenever you require an interpreter. If you would like interpreters to be present at evening events, for example at after-dinner speeches, I will be happy to include this in my quote. I can also accompany you on trips lasting several days so as to offer you interpreting support:
Is the area of assignment restricted to Karlsruhe and the surrounding region?
Although I am based in Karlsruhe, as an interpreter I am willing to work on assignment anywhere for you, whether that be in Hamburg, London, Seville, Zurich or elsewhere.
Are express orders possible?
I am also happy to receive your enquiries at short notice. With me, your express jobs are in good hands! Under such circumstances, I follow my usual procedures, meaning that you do not have to compromise on quality.



Why is it not possible to book just one interpreter for simultaneous interpreting assignments?
Simultaneous interpreting is extremely demanding and requires a high degree of concentration. This is why this form of interpreting is carried out in pairs or in teams of three, thus allowing interpreters to switch over after a certain period of time and to support one another in the booth. This rhythm means that the highest level of quality can be ensured at all times.
Why is preparatory material so important?
The quality of the interpreting depends largely on the interpreter’s preparation. The more material I have at my disposal, the more thorough and specific my preparations can be. That is why it is helpful if you are able to provide presentations and background information in advance (agenda, minutes of previous meetings, list of speakers and participants, presentations, etc.), if these are available.   
Will my information be treated confidentially?
All of the information to which me or my colleagues are granted access in connection with an order, are treated with absolute confidentiality. We are also happy to sign a declaration of confidentiality in advance.


Do you still have questions?
Call me on:
+49. (0)170. 581 40 44.


Do you require a quote for a project? I look forward to receiving your enquiry: mail@is-dolmetschen.de